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I love creating inspiring brand identities and websites through the power of real imagination. I'm specialised in turning colors and shapes into strong visual language that meet the communication goals of my clients.


I was drawing and painting since I was seven. With the same passion I use colors and forms in creating designs that delivers communication messages which defines brand values and characteristics. I graduated from Faculty of Visual Arts in Cetinje in 1994. After that I was in Greece for specialising painting. Since 1997 I am in designing and printing industry. At 2000 I was part of the team which won two IPRA awards in London for best campaign in 2001 for Mass voucher privatisation educational campaign in Montenegro. From 2000 part of the teams that produced various campaigns for major national and international clients.


25 years of experience in designing for variety of clients in different sectors from governmental agencies to small businesses. I made visual identities for Mass voucher privatisation process, National Cuisine, French Cultural Center Montenegro, SEECP head of states Summit, MN Look Contest... I published ads in magazines and news-papers such as Forbes, The Financial Times, The Eco-nomist, Alitalia magazine and others. I produced pack-aging design for Zora milk, cheese and fruit juices pro-ducts, Crmnica winery, Primat bakery etc. I also made stage design for Wild Beauty Awards, ForFest fashion, MN Look show, DRV in Montenegro, Rotary events ...


I believe that primarily good design must be functional. Then follow colouring, shapes, material, textures and details. My designs originate from my drawings and paintings, so I frequently use brushes and strokes when context allows it. I start creating logo with using pencil drawing as it allows more freedom to achieve form’s elegancy which later is polished with graphic software. I believe in constant creative research and deepening knowledge of field of client’s activities, which therefore allows creation of exact responses that are strategically valid and applicable everywhere and thus, in international contexts. My design has Montenegrin heart and international breath.


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